Groom Energy

Groom Energy provides a full spectrum of energy solutions for corporations across the United online

We consult, design, engineer, install, finance monitor and maintain energy technology projects for our customers helping them save money and positively affecting the environment.

Groom Energy”s projects not only provide our customers a strong return on their investment, but also a positive environmental impact for the communities in which they operate.

By reducing electricity load on local power providers, our customers ease the burden of energy production by their local utilities, thereby eliminating the associated greenhouse gas emissions that come as a result of energy generation.

As the detrimental effects of these emissions on our climate are becoming more understood everyday, we take pride in tracking the impact associated with each of our projects for our customers, as well as the collective results for Groom Energy as a energy solutions company.

Using the EPA”s guidelines we detail this cumulative impact for all of Groom Energy”s projects. This tally allows us to
track our company”s positive impact on the environment, a particularly rewarding measure of our success.

Cumulative Environmental Impact of Groom Energy Projects

Kilowatt Hours Eliminated
Over 265,000,000

Kilowatts Eliminated
Over 31,000

Electrical and Maintenance Costs Eliminated
Over $48,000,000

Carbon Dioxide Eliminated
Approximately 523,000,000 Pounds

Sulfur Dioxide Eliminated
Over 1,100,000 Pounds

Having the same effect as
Taking 41,000 automobiles from the road or
Planting 45,000 acres of trees

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